Geeky Last Minute Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Last minute gifts are my thing. Disorganised shoppers unite!!

Every Christmas I tell myself to be organised. I start making lists upon lists in October and yet I always end up dashing out to Westfield during their 36 hour shopapalooza amazed at how many other people are there at 1AM. But not this year! This year I was adamant that I would get my shit done in advance.  I am an organised responsible adult. For chrissake, I’m mothering a tiny human. How hard can it be to buy some damn Christmas presents before December?

Yeeah. Turns out its actually pretty hard. I online shopped as much as possible but I did end up having to hit up the horror of a shopping centre in December. Unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of dragging a toddler and a reluctant husband around, I forgot stuff.  A lot of important stuff. Like at least 5 gifts.


But there’s good news here for you bloggy friends. In order to avoid everyone on my list getting iTunes gift cards, I put together a list of geeky last minute gifts that can be express posted so you can buy them all without having to rage stroke about someone nicking that car park you’d been stalking for over half an hour.


For The Chef

last minute gifts ideas spock oven mitt live long and prosper

Price: $20.00

I tried so hard to come up with a cooking pun on live long and prosper here guys. So hard. But my punny powers failed me. Anyway, this Spock oven mitt is perfect for the geeky cook on your list.


For The TeaTotaller


last minute gifts teas sloth tea infuser

Price: $17.95

Let’s be honest – it doesn’t get much more internet than a sloth.  This little sloth tea ball can hang out in my cup anytime. Make sure to film just in case your giftee reacts like Kristen Bell.


For the Pint-Sized Programmer

last minute gift ideas lift the flap coding book programming stem toys

Price: $16.75

I’m a huge fan of STEM education in even the tinest of tots so a lift the flap coding book is just right up my alley.  It simplifies the language of coding without talking down to its audience.  I can think of adults I would buy this for.


For The Mini Whovian

last minute gift ideas plush sonic screwdriver

Price: $29.95

Cuddly as an baby Adipose, this Eleventh Doctor screwdriver lights up and makes all the appropriate sonic-y noises. It goes bzzt, and makes all the sonic-y noises. For only $29.95, which I think personally is a bit steep. But then again, it’s your parents’ cash, and they’ll only waste it on boring stuff like lamps and vegetables. YAWN!

And if you got that reference let’s be best friends.


For The Full Size Whovian

last minute gifts tardis folding umbrella doctor who bigger on the inside.

Price: $25.00

Of course we can’t leave out the grown ups. This TARDIS folding umbrella is definitely bigger on the inside.  I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to make that joke in an appropriate situation. It felt just as good as I thought it would.


For Your Tiny Teether

last minute gift ideas winkel and grasp teether manhattan toy company

Price: $21.99

I’m a huge fan of the Manhattan Toy Company generally but the Winkle and Grasp Teether was my son’s favourite toy as a baby. It’s a teether and a rattle and it looks like an atom. What’s not to love? The loops are BPA free, and it can placed in the fridge to cool it down further for teething gums.


For The One Friend Who Liked Suicide Squad

last minute gifts geeky harley quinn's greatest hits harley quinn suicide squad

Price: $ 23.99

Everyone’s got a DC films apologist in their life who thought Suicide Squad was.  Get them this and educate them on how good the movie should have been had they featured more Margot Robbie and less everybody else.


For The Gilmore Girl (or Guy)

last minute gifts lauren graham talking as fast as i can gilmore girls

Price: $25.95

I’m still not over that ending either, but Lauren Graham’s biography definitely helped me through it. Pretty much establishes what I always knew – Lauren Graham is Lorelei Gilmore.

For the Pokefan

last minute gifts eb games zing charizard athletic style socks pokemon pokemon go

Price: $18.00

Normally I wouldn’t advocate buying someone socks for Christmas but playing Pokemon Go needs some serious sockage and these definitely fit the bill. I want them please.


For The Beach Bum

last minute gifts typo cotton on comic book print beach towel

Price: $29.95

I love this beach towel  with its cool print based on classic comic book panels. It’s geeky without trying too hard. Kasplat and kapow indeed.


For the Couple

last minute gifts cotton on novelty pillow cases super hero

Price: $19.99

Cute matching pillowcases are one of the couple-yest couple gifts ever and these ones from Cotton On have the added bonus of both sides of the bed being badasses.


For Yourself

last minute gifts six things blind date with a book

Price: $10

It’s like lucky dip with books!!  Six Things wrap up a pre-loved bestseller and a surprise book comes winging along for a blind date so you won’t know what you bought yourself.


For The Writer

last minute gifts eb games zing hogwarts crest journal

Price: $20

This gorgeous Hogwarts notebook is perfect to keep your innermost thoughts about where the hell that owl went with your letter to Hogwarts.


For Your SO

last minute gifts star wars pendant i love you i know best friends pendant

Price: $29

It’s possibly one of the best known romantic quotes in history and you can wear it along with your partner. I love this set as it doesn’t have to be a necklace, you can also get it as a far less wanky matching keyring.


Are you experienced in the art of buying last minute gifts? Or do you have it all sorted already? Share in the comments section!

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  1. I’m going to begin by admitting that I thought the last minute gift for the Mini Whovian was a dog’s chew toy…However, I think my favorite of them all is the last one.

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