February Love List: 7 Things I Loved This Month

February is the month of love. Supposedly.  I gotta be honest, our little family hasn’t been exactly loving life this month. Bear’s seizures have begun again so we are firmly back into the doctors and hospitals and tests and waiting and scariness. It has brought me back to the reason I started doing these posts though – gratitude. Even in the crappiest of months (and this one’s been a doozy), there’s always a reason to be grateful, there’s always some little light that brightens the darkness. So here are my 7 little lights for this month – The 2017 February Love List.


Seeing: The Emma And Lachy Show!

I’ve started a tradition with my toddler where twice a year I take the day off and we spend the day together. No chores, no cooking dinner – we just go and do something fun. And there is nothing more fun than going to The Wiggles Show! I loved watching him interact, and even heckle a little – he was a bit distressed to find Simon was not in attendance and MAY have shouted about it at the top of his lungs during a quiet moment.


Reading: The Circle

Oh my god you guys, this book is so so good. Grab a copy and you’ll be up reading til 1AM because you just cannot put it down. It’s an incredible sci-fi novel dealing with the future implications of social media – where everyone can know everything about a person before they even meet and privacy is theft. Truly spine chilling stuff because it’s just so plausible. And if that’s not enough, it’s being turned into a movie starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks later in the year!


Watching: Magicians Season 2

The Magicians series is one of those stories I could read over and over and over again – and I have. It’s amazing to watch an adaptation that manages to capture the spirit of the books entirely but still make the storylines fresh and new. I’ve been super stoked to catch up with Quentin’s world but I’m still a little emotionally scarred about the twists and turns this season has taken.


Making: Valentine’s Day Cards

I’m usually more about the Pin Fails than the crafts, but I managed to find one that even I couldn’t stuff up. These toilet roll heart stamps are super cute and crucially, super easy. They’d look great stamped all over kraft paper to wrap a present with too!


Eating: Turn Up The Beet

Beetroot and ice blocks – two things you wouldn’t think go well together, but Proud & Punch has changed that. These juice pops are delicious and you can hardly taste the vegies!


Pondering: Toddler Tantrums

Specifically trying to convince myself that they are completely normal. Most of the time Bear is an even tempered sweet little boy but every now and then, he hulks out and just rages on. I’m slowly managing to accept them as a part of life – with the help of lots of wine 😉


Finding: Mobile USB Ports

How cool is this idea? Brisbane City Council has installed solar powered USB ports on their new fleet of buses, so you can charge your phone while commuting. Excellent for playing a Pokémon Go and hitting all the pokestops on the way to work or catching up on episodes of Downtown Abbey.


So what little things would make your February Love List? What’s making you grateful this month?


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  1. Sorry to hear about your hospital and doctor’s visits. I hope they can minimise the seizures somehow.

    And what a great idea re the BCC and solar charges!

  2. I actually just saw the movie trailer for the Circle and I am definitely going to read the book first! Also, those USB charging ports on Brisbane buses are so cool! I haven’t been on a Brisbane bus in a while since I graduated Uni and have to drive to work but it is definitely a great idea!

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  3. I definitely love making Valentine crafts and I sure hope we get to see the Wiggles live soon! My son is growing up fast and I think we’re getting near to the age where he would enjoy a live Wiggles concert! Yay!



  4. Oh my goodness I am not liking that your little man continues to have seizures either. My now 17 yo GD was diagnosed around 18 months ago and the specialists continue to seek answers to her condition. She is on medication and she does have seizures still. Lucky in some ways I guess that she is in Sydney with her mum and team of doctors doing what they can to figure it all out. I hope it is the same for your son. Take care. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 9/52. Next week: Must Watch TV.

  5. How cool are those usb ports on the bus! The circle sounds like an interesting book.
    Big hugs on the seizure front, sorry you are going through this. Hopefully they can find a way to help Bear xx

  6. To be honest we have had a bit of a doozy of a month to, and having gratitude is something I have had to remind myself about daily. I also have a series of five mantras that I like to say to recentre myself. Here’s to a better month in March!

  7. I love this idea of counting the blessings while going through a tough season. That book sounds really good! I’m currently reading through the Outlander series, but will pick up The Circle when I’m done. February was a doozy of a month for us as well; all my kids keep getting sick. One thing that I am grateful for was the weather. Normally February is one of the coldest months for us, but we got an early spring with 10 days of 50-60 degree weather.

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