The Every Day Achievement Awards

I’m a big believer in the small things in life. I try to show gratitude for the tiniest things, like someone letting me in in traffic or a truly amazing cup of coffee. As a culture though, we don’t celebrate the little things and I think that sucks. Every day wins are wins nonetheless and should be rewarded.

I’m never going to win mother of the year – my toddler’s first handful of sentences included shouting ‘MORE ‘NAUTS MUMMY’ while brandishing a remote control. I was far more impressed than shocked when he worked out how to buy and watch Kung Fu Panda 3 on the Apple TV the other week. I yell at my husband too much and read a lot of Buzzfeed at work. I haven’t had a lot to be proud of myself for lately, so I’m setting my bar lower.  Here are the hottest new awards in town celebrating the mundane and the small wins we take for granted.  There’s no prizes except a sense of extreme self satisfaction, but I guarantee you everyone’s a winner.

The Every Day Achievement Awards

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Honourable Mentions

  • Didn’t cry over spilled breast milk
  • Went three hours without discussing someone’s toilet habits
  • Put a fitted sheet on the right way first go
  • Got through to a government department in less than 5 minutes
  • Stopped the microwave with zero time left before the beep


Did you get any of these tiny wins today? Would you like to nominate a category for the Every Day Achievement awards? Share in the comments or tell us what you’re most proud of in the confessional over at My Home Truths!

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  1. HELL YES! Went to the bathroom alone and everyone’s alive at the end of the day! WINNING! *bows to applause*

    Meanwhile if I ever cook a meal that everyone eats I’d consider that the epitome of achievement.

    Love this! Thanks for the giggles.

  2. Bahahaha. That’s why I started an Instagram account just for fashion. Not because I’m a fashion type, but to congratulate myself for putting pants on that day.

  3. This makes me feel much better. After a weekend in hospital and a week with my daughter home with me, I feel like I’ve achieved nothing except for successfully not breaking anyone else’s bones. Can that be my award for the week???

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