Life Hack: DIY Cold Brew Coffee With No Special Gear

Living in Queensland iced lattes are an absolute must in the summer time. However, they do tend to add up when you are buying this deliciousness every day. I’ve tried and tried to master them at home, but they’re too weak or they have a bitter aftertaste from being cooled too quickly. Enter DIY cold brew.

Without sounding like a hipster, the cold brewing process means you can actually taste the coffee notes better for a more enjoyable cup. I’ve developed a bit of an addiction actually but looking at coffee shop setups you’d never dream of being able to make it home. It’s all a little steampunk – these giant straining devices of wood and copper reaching to the sky.

Fear not though, it turns out you can easily DIY cold brew for a fraction of the price – without any special gear? Interested? Read on!


What You Need

DIY cold brew ingredients coffee, bottle, jar, paper towel, water, jug

  • Mesh Strainer
  • Large Jar
  • Coarsley ground Coffee (ground for a plunger/french press)
  • Water
  • Paper Towels


What You Do

  1. So get your jar and measure out your coffee. For these jars from Coles, I use 200g of coffee to 800ml of water. It’s a 1:4 ratio so you can size up or down if needed.
  2. Put coffee in jar and then fill up with water. Put lid on and give it a gentle shake.
  3. You can either leave the jar out on the counter for up to 24 hours or put in the fridge for up to 48 hours.
  4. After that It’s straining time!  Get your mesh strainer and line it with paper towels. Pop it on top of your jug. Now I know I said no special equipment but if you are going to do this regularly, consider investing in a reusable nut milk bag from eBay – it’ll save you a fortune in paper cold brew coffee filtering process paper towel mesh strainer jug
  5. Pour a third of your coffee into the paper towel/strainer. Once it stops free flowing, give it all a gentle squeeze to squeeze out the coffee goodness. Repeat the process until you are done.  Your DIY cold brew will last a week in the fridge in a sealed bottle or jar.


Pop it in a cup with some ice and top up with milk for a yummy morning treat, or add a scoop of icecream for a delicious chilled affogato.  You can also make extra and freeze as ice cubes so you don’t have anything watering down your coffee!


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    1. It works pretty well with iced tea too. I made a batch of green tea and left it for about a week and it tasted beautiful as iced tea. No bitterness at all and I didn’t even have to add sugar!

  1. That’s a great idea with not a lot of effort…sometimes although I’m longing for a coffee its just too hot throughout summer, sounds like i need to pre-prepare some of this!

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