Dear Bear: A Letter To My Three Year Old

Hey Bear.

First of all. Happy Birthday my darling chicken! Who would have thought these years would go so quick. I can hardly believe I’m writing a letter to a three year old!

Oh Bear, you are three already! I can hardly believe it. Forgive me my little wander down memory lane as I remember how I used to be able to lie down with you on my chest. You can still do it, but you now pin me to the couch while giving the People’s Eyebrow. I cannot believe that you have only been in the world for three years – you fill so much space I never knew was empty.

You are now a loud, rambunctious mischievous little toddler who has definite opinions on everything from TV shows to t-shirts. You bring joy to my days, even when you tantrum for ridiculous reasons like not being able to grow up in the 90s. Actually especially those days because I know even you thought that was ridiculous. I could see it in your eyes.

This year you’ve been going through a heavy pirate phase that has so far lasted for around 8 months. You’ve created your own alter ego of Captain Boots who is blamed for everything to go wrong around the house. Captain Boots regularly spills drinks, feeds the dog and cat from the table and breaks toys. He’s not a great housemate but you know he is a pirate so his rough edges must be forgiven.

You’ve made the transition to a big boy bed this year taking it completely in stride, probably because you know you can always climb into Mum and Dads bed using the handy trunk they left as a step, frequently doing it so stealthily neither of us realize until we wake in the morning to find the sneakiest of snooks burrowed in our blankets.

You have to take books everywhere you go and frequently sit in the back seat of the car reading ‘Where’s Your Teddy, Muttaburrasaurus?’ to yourself, lamenting that that dinosaur really doesn’t deserve a nice bear if he’s going to leave it in the rain.

A Few Of Bears Favourite Things

Favourite Food
Porridge with apple and cinnamon. If it is not eaten for breakfast, it must be eaten for lunch or dinner. No exceptions.
It’s a toss up between ‘How Dare You!’ Or ‘I Tell You Four Times Mummy’ with a few ‘You Scurvy Dog’s thrown in for good measure.

Cutest Saying
Would definitely have to be ‘Wake Up Your Eyes Mummy. It’s Sun Time’. It’s even cute at 5am. Just kidding. Nothing’s cute at 5AM.

Favourite Inappropriate Song
Common People by William Shatner

Favourite Slightly More Appropriate Song
Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift- yup still a dedicated Swiftie.

Favourite Toy
While you will always love that little threadbare Ikea Fox named Baby Fox, your favourite toy has definitely become the train table. That thing has bought me so many uninterrupted meals and cups of coffee I cannot even tell you.

Favourite Animal
Crocodile. My work paid for all of us to go to Australia Zoo this year and you totally lost your biscuits watching the croc show. I believe the exact phrase shouted at the large crocodile was GO CROCKIE YOU CHOMP HIM UP!!, much to the chagrin of the trainer.
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  1. This is so beautiful. What a wonderful keepsake for each birthday. The moments and memories will be a great read in a few years!

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