David Bowie: Jukebox Memories

​Vale Davie Jones

david bowie
I’m sure I’m echoing millions of blog posts around the world when I say this but I was truly devastated to hear of his death. If my life had been a movie, he would definitely be the most prominent artist on the soundtrack if not write the whole score. In memory of him, I wanted to share some of my favourite tracks with you today along with the memories they inspire in me.

As The World Falls Down

Like most 80s kid I adored Labyrinth. This movie and song was my first exposure to the magic that Bowie was. I have watched it as an adult and I’m amazed at how much of the horror went over my head as a child but Bowie is still just as menacingly amazing as he always was.


This song takes me back to sitting in the library as a teenager. Bowie was the first artist I really discovered on my own rather than picking him up from my brother or father’s CD collection. I used to sit in the library reading and listening to the Ziggy Stardust album for hours. When I was in high school I struggled with my self identity. I always felt wierd. Ziggy taught me that not fitting in doesn’t have to mean sticking out but instead standing out.

Letter To Hermoine

When I was in my early twenties I went through a rather difficult breakup with a fairly awful human being. No matter how badly he treated me, I kept going back for more. This was my epic breakup song that I listened to on repeat for hours on end. I still love the emotion in the lyrics and it reminds me of how far I’ve come every time I hear it.

Golden Years

I’m sure many people share this memory as its a very popular song but I every time I hear this I remember dancing with my husband at my wedding and how joyful I felt. It captures that pure happiness you feel at the start of something new and wonderful.


Two hours after Henry was born he and I had our first moment alone and I sang him this song and I’ve never really stopped. Every time I sing it to him I am filled with joy and peace and I think of that first perfect moment alone with my baby. And honestly let’s face it – Henry is probably going to be pretty kooky too so he should embrace it early.

Do you have a favourite Bowie track that evokes a memory? Share it in the comments.  If you would like to donate to one of his favourite charities, please see this link.

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