10 Fab New Christmas Books To Read With Your Child

Oh my god you guys. Is it just me or did Christmas come way faster this year? I feel like I just turned around at Easter and boom, I’m locating ornaments and planning Christmas lunch. While we read to Bear year round, I do enjoy  bringing the Christmas books into the rotation, if only to give us a break from Hairy Maclary’s shenanigans for a few weeks of the year. While he has some tried and true favourites, I’m always on the lookout for new titles to add to his collection, so here are my 10 favourite new Christmas books for 2016!


1) Pig The Elf

Christmas books 2016 pig the elf new releases

Author & Illustrator: Aaron Blabey

The greediest pug is back again only this time he just can’t wait for his presents! And as a bonus, here’s a video of the lovely Eva from the Multi Tasking Woman reading it!


2) Ten Little Elves

christmas books 2016 ten little elves

Author:Mike Brownlow
Illustrator: Simon Rickerty

Ten little elves set out to save Christmas – but what do they encounter along the way? This is a really cute book with great rhymes.  So much fun to read.


3) Santa Is Coming To Brisbane

christmas stories 2016 santa is coming to brisbane

Author: Steve Smallman
Illustrator: Robert Dunn

I love this idea!!! The book references local landmarks as Santa goes on his journey and has a small satnav snafu. Don’t live in Brisbane? No worries! There’s a version for just about every major city in Australia.


4) Stowaway In A Sleigh

christmas books 2016 stowaway in a sleigh

Author & Illustrator: Roger Mader

I love this sort of old fashioned Christmas stories about mischievous pets who meet Santa. It’s a very specific sub-genre of Christmas book, but it would have to be my favourite. In this story, Slipper finds a human in her house she names Mr Fuzzy Boots and when she follows him to investigate where he came from, she goes on a very unexpected journey!


5) Ollie’s Christmas Reindeer

christmas books 2016 ollie's christmas reindeer

Author & Illustrator: Nicola Killen

Ollie is woken one night by a jingling sound in the forest near her house. When she finds a lost reindeer, she is taken away on the adventure of a lifetime. I loved the colour scheme – the dark monochrome with the little flashes of red. It’s a truly gorgeous book.


6) The Nutcracker

christmas books 2016 the nutcracker new york city ballet

Author: New York City Ballet
Illustrator: Valeria Docampo

This retelling of the classic tale has been written and illustrated in the manner of the classic New York Ballet production. The illustrations are truly gorgeous. Honestly you won’t want your kids to touch it – it’s too pretty. Perfect for any aspiring ballet dancers in your house.


7) Susannah Chambers – The Snow Wombat

the snow wombat christmas picture books 2016

Author: Susannah Chambers
Illustrator: Mark Jackson

Okay I confess. This one isn’t technically a Christmas book. Seeing as we get snow in the middle of the year this isn’t actually set at Christmas, but it still has that traditional wintery Christmas feel to it to me. Read it anyway – it’s so cute.


8) All I Want For Christmas Is Rain

all i want for christmas is rain christmas books 2016

 Author: Cori Brooke
Illustrator: Megan Forward

A sad reality is that in Australia Christmas often brings drought. This one has a great story and cute illustrations, while still gently teaching kids about the concept of what can happen in the outback when there is no rain.


9) The Doll People’s Christmas

christmas books 2016 the doll people's christmas

Authors: Ann M Martin & Laura Godwin
Illustrator: Brett Helquist

Okay so fun fact – this book is co-written by the author of The Babysitter’s Club and illustrated by the gentleman who wrote the Lemony Snicket series. How could anyone not love it?


10) Steve Antony – The Queen’s Present

christmas books 2016 new the queen's present steve antony

Author & Illustrator: Steve Antony

The Queen teams up with Santa Claus to jet off around the world in search of the perfect Christmas gift.I love the rest of the books in The Queen collection, and this is another great addition to the set.


Do you have a favourite picture book to read at Christmas time? Will any of these Christmas books make their way under your tree this year?

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  1. We just got the Pig the Elf book. We have a number of variations on Night before xmas, which I love (and can recite) and a great lift the flap/pocket prizes kind of xmas book of all the xmas things you do – it was from a $2 shop but really cute and lasted about 10 years!Maisy’s xmas was a favourite for many years…

  2. How creepy is it to ask to borrow someone’s kids so that I can read them all of these stories? I miss reading to my nephews and niece. Even though it meant getting elbowed in the boob 44 times.
    And Christmas books are the greatest!

  3. Pig the Elf is top of our to-read list this Christmas too! I’ll have to lookout for the other great titles you’ve listed, especially the local “coming to…” one. Our favourites each Christmas are also Santa’s Secret (very Aussie!) and Stick Man (because I love anything Julia Donaldson!)

  4. Ohhh! I had never realised that ” mischievous pets who meet Santa” is a sub-genre but will definitely have to pay closer attention this year. Thanks for the round up. I love it! x Simone from Play with Food

    1. I must admit I only realised it when I got my son’s christmas books out this year. I was going I love this one and this one and this one – and then realised they were all about cats doing naughty stuff then meeting Santa! hahaha

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