Book + Play – Scarface Claw, Hold Tight!

The Book: Scarface Claw, Hold Tight!

scarface claw, hold tight! image cover
What It’s About

Scarface Claw finds a comfy spot to sleep in the sun on a car, but then it zooms off with him still on top! Will anyone get Tom’s attention to help Scarface down?

Why It’s Awesome

In my house, Lynley Dodd is the gold standard of children’s literature, and Scarface Claw is the absolute cherry on top. Seeing him pop up in the background of the books causes my son to shout for joy, so an entire book of old Scarface is pretty much as good as it gets.  As always with Hairy Maclary books, there’s some fantastic alliteration and great words making it so much fun to read. You will love it, and so will your kids.


INDOOR PLAY: Scarface Claw, Hold Tight! Small World Play

scarface claw, hold tight! small world play

This is a fun game for you and your little one to play together, as one person can move the car around as Tom while the other attempts to get him to stop!

What You Need:

  • Box or Bin (optional)
  • Shredded Green Paper
  • Train Tracks
  • People Figurines
  • Toy car
  • Cat figurine (I grabbed these from Kmart)
  • Blu tac
  1. Cover the base of your bin or surface with the shredded green paper (to represent grass)

2.  If you have it, cover the bottom in green tissue paper for grass

  1. Pop your train tracks down to act as a road.

  2. Get one of the  toy cars and blu tac the cat on top to represent Scarface.

5.  Pop your people figurines and some extra cars around for the bystanders.

  1. Play!


OUTDOOR PLAY: Neighbourhood Cat Spotting

scarface claw, hold tight! book and play outdoor cat walk neighbourhood cat hunt
In honour of Slinky Malinki and the other Lynley Dodd cat pals, talk a walk around your neighbourhood and go cat spotting. Hopefully you don’t spot any on top of cars, but here’s some ideas of things to talk about as you ramble about:

  • Keep score and see who can spot the most kitties
  • Talk about what the kitties looked like – fluffy vs short haired, what colour their eyes and fur is
  • Are the cats happy or angry? Without getting too close, talk about cat body language and what it means
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