April Love List: 7 Things I Loved This Month

Ooh April. You might not have had Easter this year but you still are pretty awesome. Cool enough that I can snuggle under warm doonas at night, and warm enough that everyone in Brisbane isn’t dressed like they are on Hoth.

April in Wonderland


We headed down to Logan for this at the start of the month and were definitely not disappointed. A large indoor maze was setup where your little one could meet the characters from Alice in Wonderland. Bear  is a little young for Alice just yet, but he had great fun playing tiggy with the White Rabbit.

Wes Cafe, Brighton


This place uses #wesisthebest on their social media and by gum they are right! Lovely food,  great coffee but the main drawcard is the rather large sandpit out the back for busy little people.

All Real Food


I discovered this vending machine in the Valley this month. You can get fresh salads, and wraps and all manner of wonderful things for lunch if you are terribly disorganised and forget it (like me). It’s restocked daily and a fantastic idea! Their guacamole is a thing of beauty.

Long Weekends


I love love love a long weekend and we get two in a row. Score! We spent the Anzac Day long weekend pretty much living at the park. We’ve found if we wear Bear out in the morning and he has a good nap, he’s right for some quiet constructive play in the afternoon, rather than just racing around destroying stuff.

Major Munchkins


We checked out the new Sandgate markets at the Einbunpin Lagoon and found the cutest clothes at Major Munchkins! I loved that she had some pretty rarely seen characters on the pants like Carnage and Luke Cage. Can’t wait for the kiddo to fit into these!

New Haircut


This is definitely something I loved this month. I hadn’t had a haircut since pretty much Bear was born so I was so excited to get my long hair that was somehow greasy and frizzy all at once taken care of. Liga at Street Pickle Hair did not disappoint. I am now the proud owner of a curly bob – I don’t think my hair has ever looked this good!

Cards Against Humanity



I discovered this terribly politically incorrect and yet hilarious game some time ago, but I’ve just found out about some of the expansions – including the 90s Nostalga Pack. Particularly loving the Power Rangers black card you can see in the picture. Wanna come over and play some time?

What were you loving this month? Share in the comments or join the My Monthly Loves link up over at vegeTARAian!

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    1. I’d rather go years without a cut than get a haircut I hate. I’m ridiculous like that. Liga has been cutting my husband’s hair now for almost 6 months so I thought I’d try. Man so glad I did. It looked pretty awful before.

  1. I love Cards against humanity. We play it quite often. But then again, we are not very nice people! 😉

    Sounds like it’s been a good month for you…like the haircut! Reminds me I need mine to be recoloured…the regrowth is verrrry obvious!

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