Minted Rogue: All About Me


Hi There! I’m Tory……


Welcome to my little corner of the internet!  I’m married  with three babies – one human and two furry.  I’m a working mum who loves Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as anything made by Joss Whedon. Also a little bit of an Apple tragic.  Probably the most important thing about me is I am always reading – I have been known to read car manuals when particularly desperate.  My Kindle going dead is a cataclysmic event in our household.
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So What’s Minted Rogue All About?

Minted Rogue is my space where I explore my journey as a nerdy new parent. I share book and movie reviews for that oh so vital me time as well as some insights into how to keep geeking out with your tiny minions in tow.


Why Call It Minted Rogue?

In the geek community to have something minted means it’s brand new and that definitely described me as a parent. Brand new in the packaging.  Where does the rogue come from? Whenever I play tabletop or video games I always prefer to sneak around thieving things from people.  Plus I’m a total ninja at sneaking out after putting a sleeping baby in their crib.


Wanna Work With Minted Rogue?

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