7 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Geek With Your Kids

Happy Embrace Your Inner Geek Day! Embrace Your Geekness Day was celebrated internationally on the 13th July, but here at MintedRogue we are running a bit late. At the risk of sounding like a hipster, embracing that inner geek is far easier these days than when I was a teenager. When I was a kid, comic shops weren’t on every corner and fantasy novels were rarely stocked in libraries so most of my nerd paraphernalia came from dingy second hand bookshops or by risking some truly scary goth stores. Finding someone to talk about Katherine Kerr to was even harder than finding the books in the first place. It was lonely. One of the things I love about the digital age is that there is a community for everyone. Love a particular anime? Here’s a subreddit. Frustrated about Hydra Captain America? Here’s an entire internet movement.

There has never been a better time to be a geek.

Kids are inherently geeky. They pursue an interest to the exclusion of all else, be it dinosaurs or Disney princesses or trucks or horses. They also love it completely and unashamedly. We could all do with getting in touch with that inner geek that children are so very in tune with, so here are 7 things to do with your kids to bring out the inner geek in you!

1) Find Some Buried Treasure

inner geek geocaching

Geocaching is an incredibly fun and addictive global game. People bury boxes called caches and ‘cachers’ use GPS to find them. Using technology to find real world treasure? Doesn’t get much more nerdy than that! You can find more information here.

2) Program Some Code

inner geek robot turtles

This one is more fun than it sounds I promise.  Robot Turtles is a board game for ages 4 +  and 2 -5 players inspired by the Logo programming language. Basically you move your turtle around the board by playing code cards. It has a number of levels of difficulty, so will appeal to both older kids and little ones.

3) Do Some Closet Cosplay

inner geek closet cosplay

Before I wore a uniform for work, I pretty much lived closet cosplay. For those unfamiliar, you choose an outfit from a movie or TV show and alter it slightly so it can be worn for every day. It’s super fun to do with your kids, (or even just on your own). You’d be surprised how many characters you can get out of an ordinary wardrobe! Want some inspiration? Check out Console2Closet, DisneyBound & Cosplay Every Day to get yourself started.

4) Get Your Science On

embrace your inner geek science

There are so many nerdy experiments you can do at home with your kids.  You can make your own Flubber, or a rain cloud in a jar or geodes out of eggshells. For even more awesome experiments to try, check out the CSIRO.

5) Learn Something New

embrace your inner geek ferris bueller art museum

Learning new things about your obsession is key to geek life so head to your local museum and explore! For bonus fun, check out their website ahead of time – most museums have extra activities for kids like scavenger hunts or fun knowledge trails or even a ScienceCentre!

6) Play a Tabletop Game

embrace your inner geek mouse guard rpg

Tabletop Gaming is an integral part of geekdom. Games like Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer 40K are great for grown ups, but there’s also a number of games that are fantastic for families to play together as well. Mouse Guard is an RPG based on a series of graphic novels with a great kid-friendly setting and easy to follow rules. How cute are teeny tiny talking meeces ? They think they’re people! With Mum or Dad acting as the DM (Dungeon Master) for this adventure, kids will love playing in this world. Bonus points for dress ups.

7) Get Out And Catch ‘Em All

embrace your inner geek with your kids pokemon go

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard of the latest craze – Pokemon Go. The basic concept is you catch Pokemon in real world locations ie to succeed at this game, one must leave the house. Go for a family walk and  play together. Have a competition to see who can catch the most powerful Pokemon or just who can catch the most.  Gotta catch em all folks!

Bonus: Whatever You Love, Love It Proudly

I think this one is the most important. Love things like a child. Whatever you love, love it loud and love it proud. Everyone’s a little bit of a geek about something so whether you’re into jigsaw puzzles or jewelry making, crocheting or cosplay, embrace it and find a way to include your children in your hobbies. Kids watch us and learn from us and it’s an important lesson – just because the world doesn’t love what you love, doesn’t make it wrong. Find your tribe because there will always be someone else who loves it too.


Do you have a favourite geeky activity to do with your kids? Share in the comments!

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  1. Tory
    I love the idea of the cosplay with the kids … Though my girls are still in the Disney stage so I might wait until they get into Dr Who would much prefer them stomping around in Docs than bare midrifs!
    My hubby takes the kids caching I am not a fan of the outdoors lol I go on a warm summers day when the weather is just right and the walk is not too far! So the Pokemon craze has also taken off in our house!
    It is so funny that you say geek to people and they automatically think computer but there is actually so much more to it!
    C xoxo

  2. We just discovered geocaching (just as Pokemon Go came in – trying to keep that fact away from the kids) and are big board game fans (there’s something about having your 11 year old teach you chess that is both satisfying and slightly aging – but on the whole I like it). We’ve been playing Carcassonne again – a board game where you create fortress villages etc, prompted by one of the Tour de France stages starting there (the ultimate geeky thing / linking with an event):-) All good stuff!

  3. We are a proudly geek family here. Nathan has introduced the kids to roleplay and D&D, we enjoy board games as a family and we are right on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. You are right, do what you love and do it proudly!

  4. Love these ideas! Mr 4yo is probably at the right age to come geocaching with me soon, I look forward to giving it a go!

  5. Board and card games are so much fun. I was brought up on them and so I’ve played them with my kids. Geeky? Nah, just good fun.
    What a great Bonus Tip: do passionately and proudly what you love… fantastic!

  6. Love it! We are a family of geeks who love Star Trek, Babylon 5, superhero comics, board games and of course Pokemon Go. My son runs my battery down flat catching all those Pokemon. Haha 🙂 #MummyMondays

  7. Such great ideas. You are right, being a geek has never been cooler. I love that our kids can just be themselves these days. There is a big box of comic books at our house from my husbands teen years and my girls just LOVE reading them.

    1. One of my favourite first birthday gifts for my son was a girl from my mothers group. She gave him his very first Marvel trade paperback. I cried I was so touched 🙂 I’m starting to get him the Marvel origin picture books, poor little man will probably have his teenage rebellion by loving DC.

  8. We’ve just started geocaching not long ago. We tried to find one on the weekend in a new place, but the kids got distracted with a jumping pillow at the resort. Oh well 🙂
    I have been a total geek all of my life, and proud of it. More so now than when I was younger.

    1. I can’t wait til my son is old enough for geocaching! I found I grew into my geek as an adult. I care less what other people think of my Doctor Who obsession 😉

  9. I might have to try out Pokemon Go and see what all the fuss is about! I am the geek in this household so I’m all for trying out new apps etc

    1. I think it’s definitely something our kids learn from us. When they see us not being ashamed of what we love, it teaches them it’s okay to geek out and be enthusiastic. I hate that people lose that as they get older.

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