7 Things I Shouldn’t Do But I Do Them Anyway

We all have these don’t we? Things where we think ‘god you’re an adult get your act together’ and then just go ahead and do it regardless.  I feel like the person who described this best was Allie Brosh from Hyerbole and a Half. Go ahead, click the link, it’s worth it. I’ll wait.

10 things I shouldn't do but I do them anyway

Okay, now you’re back, enjoy my list of things I know I shouldn’t do but I do them anyway!

  1. Decide we all have to eat healthier, buy heaps of fresh vegetables and fruit and then eat frozen chicken nuggets and chips for dinner, or worse Scottish takeaway (McDooonalds as it is called in our house – I don’t know why but we find it funny).  Empty no longer fresh produce shamefully into compost bin a couple weeks later. But hey I have a compost bin – Adulting win!
  2. Try to do ALL the laundry in one day – then flag by the second load and leave it in the machine – beginning the mexican stand off that always occurs when neither of us can be bothered to walk downstairs
  3. Decide that the whole family should go on adventures every weekend to make up for my working mother guilt – I need to accept that two adults, one toddler and a kitty cat napping together on Saturday afternoons is as good as life gets.  It really is – I recommend you try it, you can sub in a puppy or extra kitty for the toddler, you’ll just get kicked less.
  4. Let the Lifeline donation boxes get stacked up to the ceiling in our spare room – my mum sleeps in there on weeks she watches Henry and honestly I’m shocked there hasn’t been an injury by avalanche.
  5. Make way too many lists. Today I realised I had actually made a list of all the lists that I had already made so I could keep track of my lists. I also wrote things on the list I’d already done just so I could get that sweet sweet rush of crossing something off. Lady you have a problem.  Step away from the notepad.
  6. Use my iPhone/iPad/Laptop/Kindle/Entire Damn Electronics store in bed before I go to sleep. No matter how many articles I read telling me I shouldn’t do it, I still do it. What can I say, I’m a rebel that way.
  7. Force myself to read ‘worthy’ books that hold no interest for me just because the internet tells me its a must read. I always struggle through them, thoroughly miserable and then break out some bad sci-fi or vaginal fantasy to celebrate when I’m done. .  Sometimes I will read the important book, but I will mostly stick to my regular diet of sci-fi, fantasy and chick lit and that is super okay.

If you want to share your own confession, link it up here at the I Must Confess challenge page!

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  1. Oh I like you! I do all of these things too. Although I now buy the vegetables in precut bags because I know I’m more likely to eat it if I just have to chuck it on the stove/ in the oven. Also with the books, the more people gush over a book I find, the less likely I am to enjoy it. I find that sometimes people are too afraid that they really don’t like a book because everyone is saying how awesome it is.

    1. I like you too! I have tried to read Cloud Atlas at least 5 times and I can never get more than halfway through but everyone tells me how amazing it is. The 5th attempt was when I officially gave up on the internet telling me books are awesome. Except Felicia Day. She’s never been wrong so far.

  2. The Lifeline Boxes are going down , and I do not care because I cone to share tine with you all xxxxxx . You are doing a awesome job sweetheart and I am so proud if you and Mark . XXXX

    1. Thanks Mum 😛

      But seriously, take out some avalanche insurance just in case 😉 Henry has a lot of stuff to donate.

  3. I cannot be without my iphone (its a big 6 and I have everything on it) and my hub is now getting cranky about “you are always on that phone” …I am chekcing emails, the blog, doing FB updates, reading others’ blogs, tweeting and catching up on IG..of course I am on the phone!!

    1. I am exactly the same! I love that you can have everything in one place now. I’m also obsessed with Wikipedia. I can fall into a wikipedia reading hole for ages.

  4. I love this list Tory. I saw much of myself in it, except for your last point. I can’t be bothered reading anything “worthy” so I don;t even bother. But there have been many times I’ve emptied my crisper of all the bad fruit & veg that never made it to the dinner plate! Glad I’m not the only one…

    1. I am going to make a real effort this year to at least eat 50% of the stuff that goes into my crisper. I’ll probably get to about 25% hahaha

  5. Haha to the list of lists – sounds like the hubster! The one saving grace is that he now does all his lists on his phone. I used to be forever finding scraps of paper around the house and then getting into trouble for throwing them out, they were important lists you know!!!

    1. I still can’t move on from paper completely. Most of them are on the iPhone, but my husband installed me a magnetic whiteboard in the kitchen so I try and put most of the paper ones there to avoid the throwing out arguments haha.

  6. Oh my goodness you are confessing most of my sins! There are many times where I think ‘shouldn’t I know better than this?’ but I read the iPhone every night, leave the bins out, throw out veggies, and more.

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