6 iPhone Apps I Couldn’t Live Without As A New Mum

Ah what did we do before smartphones? I adore mine. It keeps all my information so I don’t have to remember everything all the time.  I will admit to being a bit of a junkie when it comes to iPhone apps. I always have to try the latest greatest one to see if it’s the one that changes my life and magically makes me a fabulously organised super mum.  The 6 apps below didn’t quite turn me into that mystical figure but they definitely helped us out a lot.


iphone apps first year  First Year

Free Trial limited to 100 records,  $7.99 in-app for Full Version

We stopped using this when I went back to work but it saved my sanity as a new mum. It is the only baby tracker I could find that syncs via Dropbox so Mark and I both had the most up to date information about sleep, feeding etc. It also acts as a breastfeeding/pumping tracker.  It really helped not having to remember everything during the sleeping in shifts wilderness of Bear’s newborn period.   It also helped us to establish a pattern for his doctors so that they could see what was going on.


 iphone apps sound sleeper  Sound Sleeper

Free Trial 30 minute sound limit, $6.99 in-app for full version

How much would you pay for a good night’s sleep? For us it was this app and a super expensive room heater that Mark and I had been eyeing off for ourselves but wrote off as too expensive. We’ve been using white noise to help Bear sleep through since he was a little bubba so now we all go to sleep to beautiful ocean sounds. The only problem is now I get super tired at the seaside.


iphone apps kindle  Kindle


It comes as no surprise to regulars of this blog that I love reading.  This app meant I could have my books with me no matter what weird and wacky place Bear fell asleep.


iphone apps vaccidate  VacciDate


This is the free Queensland version of the popular Save the Date to Vaccinate. I love that it keeps me up to date with Bear’s shots so there is no risk of me forgetting them.


iphone apps the wonder weeks  The Wonder Weeks


Bear’s in his last leap at the moment but this app was amazing in his first year and a half of life.  It had so many tips and tricks for helping babies through the huge cognitive jumps they go through and was well worth the money.


iphone apps baby monitor 3g  Baby Monitor 3G


This app easily turns any two iDevices into a baby monitor and receiver.  Fantastic for when you have taken baby to someone else’s house and don’t have your regular monitor with you.


Was there an app or organisational trick that helped you as a new mum? Share in the comments.

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    1. I think in some ways apps are great but in other ways they can make people micromanage every aspect of their babies life. Particularly the WebMD baby app – I never downloaded that one because I know it would drive me nuts!

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