Please Don’t Say That: 6 Words That Make Me Cringe

Some words are just beautiful. Like sonder, mellifluous or nefarious  – I never get to use them in every day conversation but adore the way they sound.  One day I’ll write a post about my favourite words and share them with everyone.   But today is not about those words. Today is about the words that make me cringe, think eeeeeeeech and shudder.

cringe dave grohl

I’ll admit that this wasn’t the most comfortable post to write because I had to keep looking at them. And thinking about them.  Interestingly enough apparently it’s not the sound of the words themselves but the associations that make us cringe this way. If you have a spare half hour, check out this paper by Trinity College researchers that delves into it in more detail.  It’s actually pretty interesting.

I’ve put 6 of my least favourite words below. Warning that if you use them in conversation I just curl up, shut down and wish you would stop talking.  In an attempt to soften the blow in case anyone else hates them too, I’ve found some funny images for you and in the spirit of John Oliver when you get all the way to the end, there will be a video of something adorable eating a tiny food item. You’re welcome.


cringe moist picard


cringe panties


cringe congeal


cringe fester


cringe chunk


cringe nugget

Well that’s it – all done. I need to go eat a lot of chocolate and shudder some more.

As promised here is a tiny tiny hamster enjoying an even teenier doughnut. Look at him, so cute. He thinks he’s people!

Do you have a word that gives you the wig? Share in the comments or join the I Must Confess Link Up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. Moist and panties! LOL. My husband called me a “extremist” today (in relation to liver cleansing … which I’m not doing … but that’s a story for another day). So I’ve decided that I don’t like the word extremist … especially when it’s directed at me.

  2. Miss 19 has long hated the word “moist” and it has become a long standing joke in our family, to use it just to press her buttons (but these days all we do is laugh!)

  3. It’s so funny how many people I know who have a problem with the word ‘moist’ … Lol…
    I’m not sure I really have a word like that but always have to think before saying the word ‘specific’ but that’s more for fear of not pronouncing it correctly! Haha

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