5 Things I Believe In (Told By Galavant)

Writing this post was sort of difficult. We all believe in things that we don’t want to share with others because we’re scared it might be deemed ridiculous.  I couldn’t quite get to 10 without sounding more than a little cray-cray, but I did manage to find 5 things I believe in that shouldn’t make you all want to call the men in white coats. And because I love you all so, I’m sharing them through the magic that is Galavant, sadly cancelled way way way too soon.



5 things i believe in galavant gif richard you want to go there

I’m not really that religious but I do believe that there is some sort of force that kick started it all. Call it destiny, God, aliens, or the Great Spaghetti Monster, I think there is definitely something out there bigger than ourselves. I also believe that all religions have this (as well as many other things) in common, so maybe we should all stop playing my God can beat up your God. It’s a little grade 3, isn’t it?


Human Kindness

5 things I believe in galavant gif bless me soul escapes

I never used to, but a lovely couple turned me around on this. I believe that kindness is often small. A compliment to a stranger on their awesome hair colour, helping entertain someone else’s tantrum-ing child in a supermarket, or simply asking about the day of the person scanning your groceries. Every little bit of extra kindness counts in this world.



galavant tad cooper 5 things I believe in dragons

I believe in a lot of things others would call fictional, but probably my biggest one is that I really believe that dragons once roamed the earth. It’s amazing to me that so many different civilisations have a version of a flying fire breathing reptile. It has to be based on something, doesn’t it? I SUPER BELIEVE IN YOU TAD COOPER!!


The Children Are Our Future

5 things I believe in galavant gifs richard funny laughed so hard in minutes

Laugh it up, fuzzball – it’s not just a line from a sappy 80’s ballad. Some days I look at my son and think about all the things he could do with his life and who he might become and it leaves me in awe. He has a world of possibilities at his feet and that amazes me. Watching these tiny people develop their sense of self and their individuality is probably the most incredible part of parenting. It’s also the scariest – you never know how they will turn out until it’s too late.



5 things I believe in galavant magdalena gif rule like you

It took me a long time to get to the point where I can say that I truly do believe in myself. I might have moments of doubt but by and large, I like the person I’ve become and have confidence in my abilities.  My thirties has been an incredible decade for me so far – I’m so much more myself than I ever have been. I no longer edit my dorkiness for fear that others won’t like me, because who has the energy to be someone else every day of their life?!!


What do you believe in? Share in the comments or join the confession over at My Home Truths.

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  1. You made me giggle but you also made me think. Dragons? Dinosaurs existed, so why not dragons? Good point. Love the gifs.

  2. I read a lot of fantasy novels and I think how awesome it would be if all of the creatures existed…well maybe not demons but I’m sure you get my drift.

  3. Very thought provoking! Ok I’ve come up with a list

    1. I believe in equal rights for all – men, women, gay, bisexual, transgender, Muslim, Catholic, pagan, disabled, black, yellow, red or orange with green polka dots. I don’t believe personal characteristics should dictate what we are allowed or entitled to

    2. I don’t believe in God or any higher force, I believe the world is what humanity makes it

    3. I believe Julia Gillard was a good PM, and, like many other women in all walks of life, got the raw end of the deal because of her gender

    4. I believe in the goodness of people

    5. I believe parents do the best job they are capable of

  4. That is a very inspiring list of what you believe in. I am not religious but my philosophy in that area is not so much that our God and/or spag monster is external to us, but a deeper level of strength we draw from when we need.

  5. I want there to be dragons even more than I want there to be a god (but if there is a god- and I don’t believe there is, personally- I want to sit down and have a long chat with them. They have a LOT of explaining to do!)

  6. Loved this post! Great mix of funny and thought provoking 🙂 Wonderful that you included yourself and something to believe in x

  7. “I no longer edit my dorkiness for fear that others won’t like me, because who has the energy to be someone else every day of their life?!!” Truth! And I’ve found people like me better when I’m my dorky self! And I thought I was the only one who believed in Dragon! I mean no one can really say with certainty if they existed or not, can they?!

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