Packing A Perfect Christmas Eve Box For Your Toddler

Traditionally my little family has always celebrated our own Christmas on Christmas Eve. This is because on Christmas Day we are generally travelling between my in-laws and my own family so there’s no time for us to chill on our own. 2016 is the exception however as we have volunteered to host two separate Christmas celebrations but Christmas Eve will still be our last bit of downtime for a couple days. As Bear is now old enough to realise that there are toys under that cool wrapping paper, I’ve decided to start a new family tradition of making him a Christmas Eve box.

So What Is A Christmas Eve Box anyway?

It’s a box of activities and festive items to help your child deal with the anticipation factor of Christmas Eve. It can be anything you want it to be! Some people deliver theirs from the elves or from Santa, but I prefer this one to be from us. I don’t like the idea of my son telling another child that Santa comes to his house on Christmas Eve. It just seems like it would raise a few difficult questions about selective Santas.


Anatomy of A Christmas Eve Box

christmas eve box toddler christmas eve traditions presents


1 – The Box – I’ve chosen to use this cute Kmart North Pole Box – it sells for only $12 and perfectly fits my rustic themed Christmas tree. Buy it once and then you can reuse it every year!

2 – Shirt for Christmas Day – There are so many to choose from but I loved this one from Target.

3 – Santa FUN – To make the Christmas Eve bath a little more festive, I’ve popped in some FUN from Lush. FUN is a moldable play-doh like soap that is well, super FUN and there are several Christmassy versions to choose from. If you’ve an older child, this could be subbed in for one of their Christmas bath bombs, for an ultra special Christmas bath.

4 – Pig The Elf – I wanted to include a Christmas book to read so how could I go past Pig the Elf? If your little one isn’t a Pig fan, check out my roundup of the best new Christmas books for 2016 here.

5 – Christmas Plate – I love this gorgeous little Christmas plate from Kmart and its a steal at only $2.50!

6 – Christmas PJS – How cute are these reindeer PJ’s! Give your child a set of cute Christmas PJs to snuggle down in for Christmas Eve. Bonus: they will have something cute to wear for Christmas morning photos!

7 – Christmas Cup – my son is still in the straw stage so this one from Kmart is perfect.

8 – Festive Food – I’m planning to DIY some Christmas popcorn for my toddler – it’s the easiest thing ever. Just grab some popped popcorn and some Christmas M&Ms and mix them together in a bag. Donezo!

9 – Mulan DVD –  When we were talking Christmas Eve boxes on Facebook, my bloggy friend Tegan (check out her talented self here) suggested that instead of a Christmas movie that would only be watched once a year that you put in a favourite childhood movie to share with your little one. It’s much more practical and such a lovely tradition that I’m hereby stealing it for myself. I also love the idea of replacing this with a board game for older kids, that can be played as a family.

10 – Sipaah Chrismint Straws – Most Christmas Eve boxes feature hot chocolate but I just can’t bring myself to drink that in the middle of a Queensland summer so these candy cane flavoured milk straws are a great alternative.


I’m so excited to see my son’s reaction when he opens it! Do you do a Christmas Eve box in your family? What Christmas Eve traditions do you have?

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  1. My goodness. I can’t say I’ve heard of this tradition…We sometimes drive around looking at the lights, but usually just chill cos the next day is so hectic (2 xmases across the State – sometimes 6 hours in the car…)

    1. For me it’s a slightly extended version of what my parents used to do – we got pyjamas and a present to play with on Christmas Eve. Mainly because my brother was notorious for trying to open things early. He’s a present shaker from way back.

      I definitely feel you on the hectic Christmas day!

  2. I love Christmas Eve boxes! I think I started it when my son was maybe 1 or 2. Mines probably not as big as yours but includes new PJ’s, a Christmas Book and a Christmas DVD to watch. I think it’s a lovely idea. My mother’s family is Dutch and it’s actually a tradition to open one present Christmas Eve so this suits perfectly!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I’ve never thought of doing this but I kind of want to now! And I might copy you and put one of the Lush Christmas FUNs in too because Lush is great and he’s a fan. Do you use anything to stick the popcorn and M&Ms together or is it a loose mix?

    1. Its in addition because our son doesn’t get a lot on Christmas day. He usually gets three things from Santa and one big one from us. It might change as he gets older I think.

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