June Love List: 7 Things I Loved This Month

Ah June. I’ve been loving the cold weather you’ve brought. Although you also brought flu season. Naughty June. Pick your game month. We’ve had a bit a rough one, what with our sick little boy (he’s much better now) and moving and all. Loving the new house though. While it’s a similar size to our old one it seems to be so much better thought out. Bear even gets his own little play/lounge room, so we can close the door on his mess and not feel guilty. Woo!  So many good things this month, so let’s get to the June Love List!

1) The Fireman

How good was The Fireman? I’ve been looking forward to it for so long, built my expectations up so high and yet it did not disappoint. I think The Stand may have just been bumped off the top of my Desert Island list.


2) Everton Park Hotel


Any parent will tell you that finding a place to eat that also has a great play area is like finding the Holy Grail. We search and search, but they are either way too busy or the play equipment isn’t well maintained or there’s no fencing or it gets taken over by the hipsters. We discovered this place during June and its become our local breakfast haunt.  The food and coffee are reasonably priced and pretty good, but its main drawcard has to be the play area. The owners have built a huge fully fenced playground that includes facilities for both toddlers and older kids. It even has its own carousel!


3) Rainy Days


Our old house used to flood any time we had long sustained rain over a couple of days. Every time it rained, M would be out there walking around trying desperately to clear drainage and stem the tide.  I used to love the rain but our old house made it extremely stressful – I was always scared that this would be the time we’d cop more damage. June brought us our first large scale storm event and I’m happy to say there was no sign of flooding. Hooray! Now I can have my love of rainy days back again!


4) The StoryBook Swap

I found this gorgeous little space over at Westfield Carindale.  The Storybook Swap is where you bring your old picture books in to swap for new adventures. There’s even comfy squashy armchairs to sit and have a read! It’s a great spot for tired toddlers who just can’t deal with any more shopping centre stimulation.  You can find more information here.


5) Ya Bacon Me Crazy

Guess who has two thumbs and forgot her husband’s birthday? That’s right, THIS GUY! M is pretty low key about things like that, but luckily Doughnut Time came to my rescue and I grabbed a 6 pack for the birthday boy who was quite forgiving once he had them in hand. Seriously though, how good does that bacon doughnut look? I’d forgive me too.


6) Out of the Box Festival

I’ve always seen this festival advertised but not having children, I never paid that much attention. I was delighted to attend with our little one this year and was amazed at the many fab events on offer for little people but the best by far had to be Little Big Shots.  A drive in movie theatre was set up so kids could sit in little cars and watch the show.  How cute are those cars?!!


7) Bears Loves Stairs

My son has known how to get up and down the stairs while holding someone’s hand for quite some time, but it wasn’t until we moved that he started scampering up and down them like a monkey. While I’m not a huge fan of him playing on the stairs, what I loved was the expressed of pride on his face when he pushed me away to do it himself. It’s one of the clearest signs of him growing up I’ve seen. So I love it and I hate it.

What would make your June Love List? Share what you loved in the comments, or join the link up over at VegeTARAian!

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  1. So glad you don’t have to worry about heavy rain! We have a little bit of a flooding issue under our house but other than that, it’s OK. I still worry though as our house isn’t exactly new (100 years old). But I guess if it’s still standing after all that time, it should be ok. And that book swap! Amazing! I wished we lived closer (we’re in Ipswich ). x

    1. I love the older houses out in Ipswich, my parents have a great one. My first one I rented alone was the sweetest little Queenslander cottage. Sauna in summer and a freezer in the winter, but it had the most beautiful wrap around deck. I still miss that deck.

  2. Love the Storybook swap idea.

    I met friends at the Everton Park Pub a few times when I lived there as it was great for kids.

    It was a bit of a hike for me though, and – on the NORTH side – being a south-sider I crossed the river as little as possible!

  3. I love the idea of a Storybook swap! such a neat way to refresh your collection so that you don’t go insane reading Postman Bear for the millionth time.

    We moved to a new home here in NZ earlier this year and my poor hubby has been running around fixing spouting and drains for the last few weeks- very jealous of your dry home ( sounds like it’s well deserved though )

    1. For me it’s the Slinky Malinki books in the Hairy Maclary series – I feel you. I hope you guys get all sorted soon too! Everyone deserves to relax on rainy days!

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