10 Family Christmas Movies To Stream Right Now

After last years Santa photo debacle, we are trying to gently introduce Bear to the concept of Santa Claus. To that end, we’ve been introducing Christmas books and movies, so he can see Santa as a benevolent figure and not someone to be frightened of. I’ve already talked Christmas books on the blog, so today we are talking my favourite family Christmas movies that you can stream in Australia right now!


1) Santa Claus (The Movie)

family christmas movies streaming australia netflix australia stan santa claus the movie

Streaming on Stan

This movie was a constant on TV when I was a kid but for some strange reason, it never seemed to be in the program guide so it wasn’t until the Age of Internet that my brother and I discovered the name of our beloved Christmas movie.  The fact that you always sort of caught it unawares, rather than sat down and planned to watch it seemed to add to its magic but it’s still definitely worth a stream on demand look. It features Dudley Moore as a disgruntled elf and magical candy canes that make you fly as well as  some truly dodgy animatronics.  Do I need to say more?


2) The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman

family christmas movies streaming stream netflix australia stan

Streaming on Netflix

This is a sequel to the 1960’s animated special that involves Frosty coming to the rescue of some severely over scheduled and over disciplined kids whose parents don’t listen. Extra Nostalgia factor: Burt Reynolds both narrates and sings the titular song.


3) Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas

christmas movies to stream right now netflix australia stan elf buddy musical christmas

Streaming on Stan

I seriously loved this one. Some genius in Hollywood has combined the original movie and the Broadway show to make a stop motion musical version of Elf, just like the Christmas movies from when we were kids. Since it’s far shorter than the original, this is the perfect version to show toddlers. Sadly it doesn’t have the original voices, but Jim Parsons does a fantastic job of Buddy anyway!


4) Elf

family christmas movies stream netflix australia stan elf

Streaming on Stan

How could I talk about the new version without mentioning the original? Yay – Stan has this too!


5) Arthur Christmas

family christmas movies streaming stream netflix australia stan arthur christmas

Streaming on Netflix

This is a Santa movie for the iGeneration. In this movie, Santa is an inherited mantle that has been passed from father to son for generations and the latest Santa has gone corporate. He relies on computers and has traded in the sleigh and reindeer for something resembling a space ship. When one child’s present is left behind, his Christmas crazy son Arthur steps in to save the day.


6) The Nightmare Before Christmas

family christmas movies streaming stream netflix australia stan

Streaming on Netflix

As I said at Halloween, this movie completely works for both and I adore it for that.  The slight spookiness is a fantastic antidote to holiday movie fatigue.


7) The Polar Express

family christmas movies the polar express streaming stream netflix australia stan

Streaming on Netflix

This movie copped a lot of flack when it came out for the CGI falling into the Uncanny Valley, meaning that the animated faces were a little too human for comfort. Despite that though, I kind of love it. It’s a beautiful story and Tom Hanks’s voice acting is totally on point.


8) A Christmas Story

family christmas movies stream a christmas story a christmas story 2 streaming netflix australia stan

Streaming on Stan

Look its a classic for a reason. The story of Raphie’s desperate need for an air rifle is as funny as it is touching. They also have the sequel, A Christmas Story 2. In true sequel fashion it’s not quite as good as the original, but still pretty fun.


9) The Year Without A Santa Claus

family christmas movies the year without a santa claus streaming stream netflix australia stan

Streaming on Stan

This is a live action remake of the old stop motion classic and it has a truly fantastic cast. John Goodman as Santa just feels completely right and it features a number of SNL alums.


10) Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather

christmas movies to stream 2016 the hogfather terry pratchett michelle dockery susan


Available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play

This last one does involve a little cost to stream, but its so worth it and its one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time. For the uninitiated, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is a comedic take on typical fantasy novels and this adaptation is one of the best you’ll see. The plot is a little nonsensical – Death has to take over for The Hogfather (Discworld’s Santa) and save Christmas with the assistance of his governess niece Susan, but it is Pratchett at his absolute finest.  This is a great film for the tween and teen set, as its just weird enough not to be hokey, but still Christmassy enough to be festive. Death is a little scary looking though so this may not be appropriate for younger kids.


Are any of these family Christmas movies favourites in your house? What’s your go-to Christmas flick?

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  1. Some great movies there. Has there ever been an Aussie Christmas movie, I wonder? Weird random question… I’m sure we’ll be watching a few of these.

    1. It’s got those weird faces, I’ve found kids have a lot more trouble with the Uncanny Valley concept than adults do. We can sort of compartmentalise and tell ourselves it’s not real whereas kids get a lot more freaked out.

  2. I love a good Christmas movie, it helps me to get into the Christmas spirit. There’s a few here I haven’t watched so will have to check them out thanks!

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