10 Alternative Advent Calendars For Every Interest

While I appreciate that the holidays are pretty much all about the unhealthy food, I have a particular loathing for the chocolate inside advent calendars. Life is just too damn short for cheap chocolate.  This is the first year that Bear is old enough for an advent but he really is too young for chocolate, so I started to look into some alternative advent calendars for the whole family that won’t give you or your kids a sugar hangover.


For The Bookworm

alternative advent calendars 2016 book advent calendar

DIY Alert – but oh so worth it. Wrap up 24 books for your little book lover and pop them in this cute christmas crate from Kmart ($12). Once you’ve wrapped them all up, stick on these gorgeous free vintage style tags  to finish. Need some inspiration on titles to include? Check out my list of the top 10 new release Christmas books for 2016!


For the Choo Choo Champ

thomas and friends minis advent calendar alternative advent calendars 2016

Price: $35

This great calendar gives you a different Thomas Mini Engine every day, including 6 holiday themed exclusives that can’t be bought anywhere else. A must for your Thomas fan.


For The Lego Lover

alternative advent calendars 2016 lego advent calendar

Price: $39

Lego have advent calendars available for both of their major ranges – Friends and City.  I love that the Friends & City sets are wintery-themed and could help your little one build a tiny Christmassy lego city. Kmart also have a version in their own brand for $10.


For the Revhead

alternative advent calendars 2016 hot wheels advent calendar

Price: $49.95

One Hoy Wheels surprise every day until Christmas – woo! This one gives you 8 vehicles and 16 accessories for your little car lover to add to their collection.


For Treating Yoself

alternative advent calendars christmas 2016 body shop 24 days of christmas

Price: $129

This gorgeous advent gives you a indulgent Body Shop treat every day and is perfect for mums who need some me time during the festive season! More of a Lush lover? No problems – they have their own version for $99.95, but it only lasts for 12 days – boo 🙁


For The Stationary Addict

alternative advent calendars christmas 2016 smuggle

Price: $44.95

Smiggle is basically mecca for cute stationary, and their advent calendar always delivers. If the Smiggle one is out of your price range, Kmart also have their own great stationary advent for only $10!


For The Aspiring Ballerina

alternative advent calendars 2016 nutcracker christmas charm bracelet advent

Price: $55

Okay, I confess. even though I’m a fully grown woman,  I’m tempted to buy this for myself. This advent calendar gives you a cute little bracelet and one charm per day up until Christmas Eve. The best part is while some of the charms are very Christmassy, others are not so this bracelet could be worn year round.


For The Crafty Kid

crayons creations advent calendar 2016 alternative advent calendars

Price: $29

Your little crafter will love this – each door has a little crayola item and an activity to do including finger puppets, home made gifts and more!


For The Chocaholic

moo free advent calendar alternative advent calendars 2016

Price: $14.99

For some kids, it really is all about the chocolate so I had to include one that won’t give you that awful headache. The Moo Free Advent calendar is free of soy, dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat & egg. It’s also casein free so suitable for the vegetarians and vegans in your life. Most importantly, it tastes great!


For The DIY-er

alternative advent calendars 2016 refillable advent calendar reusable advent calendar

Price: $39

I’ve always loved the idea of putting together an advent calendar yourself with little treats you know your child will  be into, but sadly I just don’t have the organisational skills.For those who do though this cute modern calendar can be refilled each year making them both festive and frugal.


Do any of these alternative advent calendars tickle your fancy or do you normally make your own? Got any tips for an advent calendar novice?

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are great! I’m not usually a huge advent calendar fan, but I do get one up in my classroom for the kids. Now you’ve got me thinking I can do a book one so that we can read one picture story book every day leading up to the last day of school (which is on the 20th). I’ll have to visit the school library for some Christmas titles!!

  2. I love this idea. My mother and I did something (like #1) for my niece when she was little but the bags were of varying sizes etc… and we put a range of little gifts in them. Some trinkets and others things costing $10 or so… It ended up getting a little expensive though. Plus she grew up…

  3. Wow, So many different types these days. I used to buy the chocolate ones for our kids back in the 1970s 80s. Then as they grew up and grandkids came along, I bought a wall hanging one and had a chocolate santa in each pocket and if they visited they could have one..or two if we needed to play catch up. Thanks for linking up. Denyse #lifethisweek

  4. I love the bookworm advent calendar idea!!
    I made our advent calendar last year.
    I used brown paper bags, which I folded to size, then I printed off some numbers to stick to the front of the bags. My daughters and I decorated each bag with stamps, stickers, etc, then we hung them from tiny craft pegs onto a line of string across our bookcase.
    It looked so pretty! I put an assortment of things in the bags; treats, toys, colouring sheets, and activities. The kids loved it.I aim to do another one this year

  5. We don’t do advent calendars, but these are all great suggestions. Much more interesting than a piece of cheap chocolate, especially when it’s a surprise every day.
    Coincidently a slab of alcoholic drinks contains 24, perfect grown up advent calendar 😀

  6. I love the last idea but like you just don’t have the time (or skills) to get it done. I wonder if there is some awesome crafter out there that makes these? Will have to check out Etsy I think.

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