11 (Mostly) Free Apps To Get Your Shit Together In 2017

So I am probably the most organised disorganized person that ever lived. Sound confusing? My natural state is for my house to be a cluster, to be permanently running late and to dress in last nights nachos stained track pants. Being organised is something I constantly strive for and I mostly get there. Mostly. I always run a paper planner to help me think through to do lists, but most of my organisation occurs on my iPhone. Today I’m sharing with you my favourite iPhone apps to help you get your shit together in 2017.



get your shit together onenote note logo

Cost: Free

I keep everything in OneNote – blog planning, work notes, recipes, budgets. I absolutely love it. It syncs between  all my  iDevices and Macbook as well as my work computer so I can keep track of everything


Find My iPhone

get your shit together find my iphone app logo

Cost: Free

Love love love love love.  If it was possible to bow down and worship an app I would. I cannot count the amount of times I put my phone on silent because Bear is sleeping and then leave it lying around somewhere.  The ability to make your phone ping from a computer or iPad, even when its on silent is nothing short of godlike. Sadly however it can’t help you if you accidentally leave it on the roof and it falls off and you drive over it. Not that that’s a thing I’ve ever done.



get your shit together anylist shopping list app

Cost: Free

Shared Grocery list – amazing. The end of the texts ‘what do you need from the shops’ that you never have time to reply to until an hour after the other person has left.


Smiling Mind

get your shit together smiling mind app

Cost: Free

This app is targets towards the younger demographic, but it works just as well for us older peeps. It’s a mindfullness meditation that can be fantastic to destress at the end of a long day.



get your shit together stocard app

Cost: Free

I am totally that person who gets to the register and fumbles for my loyalty card when they ask for it, only to have crowds start baying for my blood. Enter Stocard. You can use it store all those loyalty cards that normally clutter up your wallet, making them easy to find when you get to the checkout.



get your shit together clue period tracker free app

Cost: Free

God I love this app. So many cycle/period trackers are all hearts and flowers and flippin teddy bears. I don’t know about you but when I’m surfing the crimson wave, those are the last things I want to look at.  Clue uses a simple colour coded circle to represent your cycle, and it’s easy to customise the data prompts to your own specifications.  If you are using it for fertility purposes you can easily  sync it with someone elses’s device as well to make it easier for your partner to keep track.



get your shit together vaccidate vaccination reminder app

Cost: Free

I’ve highlighted this before on the blog, but Vaccidate (or its NSW counterpart Save The Date To Vaccinate ) is an essential app for every parent. It lays out the vaccination schedule up to age 4 in an easy to understand layout, and provides reminders to make sure you follow up. You can select your child’s doctor from your address book, so you can even call them from inside the app!



get your shit together auspost australia post aus post app

Cost: Free

Because we all love happy mail amirite? Seriously though, the Aus Post app lets you store all your tracking numbers together, and allows you to be disappointed in real time, when it notifies you how long your package is going to take.


UnFilth Your Habitat

get your shit together unfuck your habitat unfilth your habitat app

Cost: $1.49

Okay so little warning. The ‘Filth’ in the app title is replaced by a certain other word starting with F in the actual app. So if you have a problem with that maybe look at the FlyLady program instead. For everyone else this app helps you declutter and tidy up your joint with challenges, and a to-do list. I love the light hearted tone of the various motivational messages and it gives you achievements when you complete challenges which definitely appeals to my inner gamer.


Moonpig AU

get your shit together moonpig australia card making delivery app

Cost: Free to download, but costs from $5.95 + postage to send a card.

This handy little app allows you to send a customised greeting card to any address in the world. You can even make a photo card using your iPhone camera roll. Unlike other apps these guys are based in Australia so you won’t have long postage delays to worry about. Win!



get your shit together embark public transport app organisation

Cost: Free

This handy little app gives you public transport information about any city you happen to be in. Perfect for travellers! You just open the app and boom you can see all the bus stops, Uber cars and other public transport hubs that are nearby with real time schedule updates. You’ll never miss the bus again.


What’s your best tip to get your shit together? Got an app that changed your life? Share with the group in the comments.

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    1. I seriously have no idea why so many apps seem to think that’s a thing! I once downloaded one that literally gave a choice between love hearts, flowers/garden or teddy bears… whyyyy???

  1. Love this! I need Moonpig in my life! Take my money! Take my money!

    And I am exactly the same with Find My IPhone -good to know I’m not the only one!

    1. I’ve asked around to my Android peeps and they’ve said they’ve not been able to find one – possible money maker for someone who could get it happening maybe? 🙂

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