10 Things My Toddler Completely Loves Right Now

My son has a lot of loves in his life.  A small cotton fox from Ikea that we’ve named Foxey (I’m not great with names).  Taking selfies with my iPhone. Anything Hairy Maclary or The Wiggles.   These loves are pretty much forever.  Like most toddlers though, his love is also changeable, he’ll often be obsessed with something one month only to give it up entirely for something else. Here are 10 things that my toddler absolutely can’t live without right now.

The Dandy Warhols

loves dandy warhols

I must admit this one is my fault. I may have sung Bohemian Like You in desperation when he was crying and it made him laugh. Now he dances to it every time it comes on the radio and I despair at my parenting skills.


loves broom

Brooms are apparently the best thing in the world. Except when they are a) too large and fall on his head or b) put away by Mum to avoid the aforementioned bopping on head.


loves shoes

For about a month after he started walking, we struggled to get him to wear shoes. If anyone put anything on his feet, he would immediately sit on the floor and wail at the injustice. Now no outfit is complete without them.  If he’s not wearing shoes, I’ll hear a small voice saying ‘Shews, mummy, shews‘ over and over again until I find him a pair.


loves garfield

Specifically the movie with the CGI cat voiced by Bill Murray. He manages to sit in one place for the whole movie. I know it’s a weird choice, but the child adores anything with Bill Murray. My son has excellent taste. Although he also likes the sequel so maybe not.

Laundry Hamper

loves laundry

We bought him a teeny couch and while he loves that, his favourite thing is to climb into the laundry hamper, put the clothes over him and get all cosy. It’s apparently most fun while Mum is trying to fold laundry. This morning I found him in there sonic-ing the world with his screwdriver and I knew he was truly my son.

Our Cat

loves cat

And the feeling is wierdly mutual. When H starts being a little too rough with his love, we pick Ari up and put him somewhere safe where he can’t be touched and give him a pat. The furry masochist runs straight back. That’s it cat, you’re on your own now.


loves stairs

Listen guys, funnest game ever! Throw a drumstick down the stairs, point at it imperiously and wail when Mummy won’t run down and get it. I am aware that I’m an idiot for letting him find drumsticks in the first place.

 Tents/Pillow Forts/Blankets

loves teepee

Basically anywhere he can hide long enough to give Mum a heart attack that she’s lost him before he pops back out shouting ‘HIIIIIIII’!

Taylor Swift

loves taylor swift

Shake It Off was everywhere when he was born so I’m pretty sure that it’s now encoded into his DNA. H will shake it with the best of the Swifties every single time this song comes on. And then he demands it go on repeat. I had never listened to Taylor Swift before in my life and now I hear her at least 12 times a day.

The Bath

loves bath

Being in the bath is fun. But when you try to put me in the bath I will scream as if the water is acid because I genuinely do not remember ever loving the bath.  Once I’m in the bath I remember I love it and will then scream and cry when it is time to get out.

Is there something your child inexplicably loves? Share in the comments!

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  1. My two year old is obsessed with the Recycling truck, any really! He sits outside and waits for it, then waves hysterically as it drives past and collects our recycling. He will watch the truck until it is out of sight. It’s so cute. I love this age.

  2. What a cute post!! One to look back on when he’s older I reckon. My little miss (3 years) is obsessed with her mud kitchen outside, plus Daniel Tiger and squishy toys lolz

    1. He’s only bit him a handful of times, and it’s super gentle. He wreaks his wrath upon us as the adults that he thinks let it happen. Ari is a vengeful puss.

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